Castelul Bran – The Legendary Castle of Dracula

The Blood Red Sky

Bran Castle has several other names including Castelul Bran in Romanian; Törzburg in German and Törcsvár Hungarian/Magyar. It is located just outside Bran, Romania close to the tourist hub of Braşov. Bran Castle is a well known international monument and one of the largest tourist destinations in Romania. The castle is on the boundary between Wallachia and the infamous area of Transylvania, less than 20km from the city Brasov.

Generally referred to as “Dracula’s Castle” (one of several places connected to the Dracula tale, such as Poenari Fortress and Hunyad Castle), but it is still promoted as the property of the lead villain in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There is, however, no proof that Stoker ever knew of the existence of Bran castle, which has only minimal historic connections with Vlad the 3rd, the historical inspiration for the Dracula novel. The place Bram Stoker actually had envisioned for the Castle of Dracula while composing his novel was on a vacant hill top, the Mt. 2,033m high Izvorul Călimanului, in the beautiful Transylvanian Kelemen Alps near the former boundary with Moldavia.

The castle has now been transformed into an exquisite art gallery available to visitors, showing off the art and furnishings gathered by Queen Marie. Tourists can see the inside of the castle either independently or by a guided tour with a licensed tour guide in many different languages. Down the road from the Dracula Castle is a little open air folk museum presenting conventional Romanian peasant buildings like cottages, barns, etc… showcasing how the people lived during the period of Vlad the Impaler rule in the Middle Ages.